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TLTT at MegaCon Orlando 2024

February 1 - February 4

MegaCon Orlando 2024

A spectacular convergence of pop culture, fantasy, and fandom, sets the stage for the mythical appearance of the Traveling TARDIS. As one of the premier conventions in the heart of Florida, MegaCon transforms the Orange County Convention Center into a vibrant tapestry of entertainment, drawing enthusiasts from across the multiverse.

The convention floor buzzes with energy as cosplayers don their meticulously crafted costumes, paying homage to characters from comics, movies, TV shows, and video games. MegaCon Orlando is a haven for fans of all genres, providing a platform for enthusiasts to celebrate their passions and immerse themselves in the shared narratives that define contemporary pop culture.

Against this dynamic backdrop, the legend of the Traveling TARDIS unfolds. Attendees navigate through a labyrinth of artist alleys, celebrity autograph sessions, and themed panels, all while whispers of the iconic blue police box reverberate through the air. The TARDIS materializes as a beacon, attracting fans like moths to a cosmic flame.

As convention-goers gather around the enigmatic time machine, a sense of unity permeates the atmosphere. The Traveling TARDIS becomes a symbol of shared fandom, transcending individual preferences and bringing together people from different corners of the galaxy.

MegaCon Orlando 2024 is not just an event; it’s a pilgrimage for pop culture enthusiasts. The Traveling TARDIS, with its timeless allure, adds an extra layer of magic to an already enchanting experience, weaving its own chapter into the grand tapestry of MegaCon’s legacy. The convention becomes a temporal junction where fans create memories that echo across the corridors of time, and the legend of the Traveling TARDIS becomes an indelible part of the MegaCon folklore.


Excitement electrifies MegaCon Orlando as The Legend of the Traveling TARDIS takes center stage in a live panel at the illustrious event. Enthusiasts gather to witness the creators unravel the secrets behind the iconic time-travel saga, sharing behind-the-scenes anecdotes, exclusive insights, and glimpses into the future of TLTT. The panel becomes an interactive journey through the multiverse of Doctor Who fandom, with fans engaging in spirited discussions and posing questions to the creators. As the charismatic hosts bring TLTT to life, the audience experiences the magic that has captivated fans worldwide. The live panel at MegaCon transcends the conventional boundaries of storytelling, creating a dynamic, immersive space where the essence of TLTT resonates with the hearts of fans, forging a deeper connection between the creators and the ever-growing community of time-travel enthusiasts.



Melanie Dean

Within MegaCon Orlando’s Booth AA1125, meet the lovely Melanie Dean’s independent artwork unfolds a mesmerizing fusion of geekdom. Inspired by The Legend of the Traveling TARDIS, Star Wars, and stained glass aesthetics, her creations form a cosmic kaleidoscope. Attendees explore a visual symphony where Doctor Who and galaxies far, far away seamlessly blend with the intricate allure of stained glass, creating a unique and captivating experience within the diverse landscape of all things geeky.


Mark Muncy

 The maestro of eerie tales from Florida, emerges as a captivating presence at MegaCon Orlando 2024. Renowned for his expertise in all things spooky and mysterious, Mark weaves a spellbinding narrative, drawing attendees into the enigmatic realms of the supernatural. Whether sharing haunted Florida lore or delving into the spine-chilling tales of the unexplained, Mark Muncy becomes a beacon for those seeking a brush with the unknown. At MegaCon, his charisma and storytelling prowess create an immersive experience, leaving audiences spellbound and on the edge of their seats. Mark’s presence adds a thrilling dimension to the convention, inviting attendees to explore the eerie side of the Sunshine State and revel in the captivating mysteries that lurk in the shadows.


Jessica Womack

In the heart of MegaCon Orlando 2024, the charismatic Jess Womack takes the stage as the host of The Legend of the Traveling TARDIS (TLTT) live panels. A beacon for Doctor Who enthusiasts, Jess brings an infectious energy to the convention, guiding fans through the intricate tapestry of TLTT’s time-traveling saga. With a deep passion for the series, Jess connects with the audience, sharing anecdotes, behind-the-scenes stories, and engaging in lively discussions that resonate with the fervor of dedicated Whovians.

Beyond hosting panels, Jess Womack extends her influence with an immersive workshop that transcends fandom boundaries. Drawing on her expertise, she leads attendees through a unique Jedi meditation experience. The workshop becomes a sanctuary for Star Wars aficionados, where the principles of the Force come to life through guided meditation. Participants find themselves transported to a galaxy far, far away, tapping into the mindfulness and serenity embodied by the Jedi.

Jess’s adept facilitation creates a harmonious blend of entertainment and introspection, offering convention-goers an opportunity to explore the spiritual and philosophical aspects of the Star Wars universe. Attendees leave the workshop not only enriched with knowledge but also with a sense of inner peace inspired by the wisdom of the Jedi.

Jess Womack’s dual role as TLTT live panel host and Jedi meditation workshop facilitator elevates MegaCon Orlando 2024 into a multifaceted experience. Her magnetic presence, coupled with an unwavering dedication to fostering a sense of community, leaves an indelible mark on the convention, making it a memorable intersection of time-traveling adventures and the profound lessons of the Jedi Order



February 1
February 4
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