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A Legendary Actor of Who Has Passed

It is with a sad heart that we must report this to you our fans; Earlston J. CameronCBE has passed away today July 3, 2020 at the young age of 102.

Earl Cameron was born (August 8, 1917) in Bermuda and a long-time resident in England; he is best known as one of the first black actors to break the “color barrier” in the United Kingdom. Cameron had a less difficult time than other black actors because of his Bermudian accent sounded very American to British ears. An example of this is the speaking role as Joseph, the chauffeur in the American play The Petrified Forest by Robert E Sherwood.

Cameron’s earliest role was the BBC 1960 TV drama The Dark Man, where he played a West Indian cabbie in the UK. The show examined the reactions and prejudices he faced in his work driving around the UK. He also appeared in a range of popular television shows such as the series Danger Man (Secret Agent in the US) and the series The Prisoner as the Haitian supervisor in the episode “The Schizoid Man”.

Cameron is best know for his multiple rolls in Doctor Who such as Doctor Who – The Tenth Planet as the first Black Actor to portray an astronaut on any film or television show at the time.

A side note…. The Space Suit used in this scene was later used in Star Wars “Empire Strikes Back”

From all of us here at The Legend of The Traveling Tardis; we send our deepest sympathies to his family and friends. We hope that he is hanging out with Will Hartnell in Heaven talking about their days on set and all the barriers he broke for future actors of color in the world of acting.

By: Felicia Ann McNamara aka Gadget

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One night with CAPTAIN JACK

Hello listeners of The Legend of Traveling Tardis, Have we got a treat for you tonight….  Captain Jack is back for one night and this is not old news.  Fans have cast their votes for their favorite Torchwood episode to air on Thursday April 2nd and the winner is “Captain Jack Harkness”….

John Barrowman will be hosting a watch party on series one, episode 12 at 8.10pm BST (that’s 3:10pm ET and 12:10pm PT), whether that’s via BBC iPlayer in the UK and other streaming service.  Fans can tweet along using the hashtags #RTWatch, #Torchwood and #CaptainJackHarkness while series star John Barrowman streams live on Instagram and shares behind-the-scenes commentary on Twitter during the episode.  John will have a live Q&A on the YouTube channel, where questions submitted by fans will be answered.

From all of us here at The Legend of The Traveling Tardis we will have popcorn ready and devices in hand to watch this special night of fun.

By: Felicia Ann McNamara aka Gadget